Eugenia Loli

Eugenia is a filmmaker and a modern collage artist. Before she began art she was involved in the technology sector. Originally from Greece, she now lives in California. She often advocates for her use of narrative in her collages which add a whole new layer to her medium. "like there's something bigger going on than what's merely depicted". Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, some times it's horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, some times it's chill but its her goal is to let you decide. You can find her at her website.


From Three Minutes to Nirvana

Inking a New Friendship

Interior Design

From Oh L'amor

  • Again please go visit her at her website from there you can easily go to her links.
  • She is on Facebook at EugeniasCollages
  • Or on Instagram at eugenia_loli