Gabriel Dawe

Born in Mexico City, Gabriel Dawe creates installations that integrate and connect fashion and architecture. His work is often site specific and relates to the human need for shelter in any possible form from anything that is troubling. His work is centered in the exploration of textiles, aiming to examine the incredibly complex connections between color, light, societal boundaries, and how we view and treat them. He says, “As a child, I often heard my mother express her admiration for the beauty of the sky, particularly on holidays any place in Mexico outside of Mexico City.  The bright blue skies of her childhood there, which by the time I was a teenager were often infested with pollutants, had made an impression on her in her youth” and he connects the feelings his mother had to what he experienced in the current day. The one difference to him was their ability to express it. By working with intricate thread weaving and free flowing space he manipulates everything surrounding the installation and creates an ever changing system of perspective. His work has been exhibited in the US, Canada, Belgium, and the UK. After living in Montreal, Canada for 7 years, he moved to Dallas, Texas, where he obtained his MFA at the University of Texas at Dallas. You can find him here, and on Facebook here.



Again you can find Gabriel here, and on Facebook here.