Fong Qi Wei

Time is a concept not commonly expressed through the most standard mediums of art. Painting and photography have the ability to convey a sense of time, but actively showing the passage of time takes the concept to another level. These "time slice" pieces by the artist Fong Qi Wei are prime examples of this display of time. By cutting together images using the same framing from different hours of the day Wei is able to show what characteristics in an environment are dependent on time. These pieces show to us what is the same and what is different over time. Most notable is the contrast of natural color. Going through our day we may be in awe of the color of the sky or interesting values in light around us; It is rare though to be able to juxtapose these moments so directly and see them cut in this way. Wei has the unique capability to recognize special opportunities to show this passage of time. The result is truly intriguing and at times remarkably beautiful. For more of his work please visit his website here.


Again please go visit his website here to support his work and learn more.