Maarten Baas

The world of performance art is full of unlimited potential. Humans have the ability to resonate with actions and concepts performed in front of them. Maarten Baas' broad and expansive career weaves between many mediums, but his collection entitled "Real Time" makes its audience contemplate the natural aspects of things factual and man made. These human operated clocks become apart of a sort of metaphysical conversation. It begs the question of what time really is and what it measures. When we see someone painting the hands of a clock and keeping the time themselves, the accuracy of time comes into question. It reminds us that while we depend on clocks and machines to tell us time, as if the standard 60 seconds is a universal and physical truth, keeping of exact time is truly a concept created and maintained by humans. I encourage you to allow your own thoughts to come forward as you watch this time pass. To learn more about Baas' work please go here

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